HMC provides full sales, design and installation of preassembled buildings. These structures include, guard houses and stations, truck gates and parking booths, security shacks, bus shelters and equipment enclosures.

Bullet Resistant Guardhouse

Louisville, KY

Harrelson Modular was contracted to come up with a Bullet Resistant Level 3 building for a local Louisville, Kentucky customer. Using our understanding and expertise, we designed this 6\'x 9\' guardhouse with bullet resistant sides. Our customer was happy with the money saved through our design process.

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Fulton Fish Market

New York, NY

Harrelson Modular was asked to provide maintenance free, cost effective, water resistant cashier's booths for the famous Fulton Fish Market in New York City. These aluminum buildings were perfect for this application and required special delivery during off peak hours. Special features included lockable sliding cashier windows and exterior aluminum shelves to facilitate customer transactions.

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12 x 18 Aluminum Guardhouse

Windcrest, TX

Harrleson Modular designed this 12 x 18 aluminum guardhouse for a large company in Windcrest, Texas. This guardhouse was customized with tinted windows, a sliding window, floor insulation, and an HVAC. Let HMC design the right guardhouse for you today!

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Truck Gate Guardhouse and Platform

Charleston, SC

This aluminum guardhouse features a standing seam roof and a platform that is raised to truck height. This guardhouse and platform is the perfect solution for being able to pass paperwork back and forth from the driver to the security guard. Let Harrelson Modular help you out today by designing a building that will meet your specific needs!

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Steel Building With Specialized Roof And Canted Windows

Decatur, AL

This steel pre assembled building was designed as an operator control room for a customer in Decatur, Alabama. The building features a specially designed roof with canted windows for maximum visibility. HMC can design a building to meet your needs!

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Aluminum Guardhouse With Standing Seam Roof & Restroom

Clarksville, TN

This is a standard Aluminum style building with a standing seam roof and a pre plumbed restroom. These guardhouses can be used for many applications. This guardhouse provides plenty of room for the guard and even has a pre plumbed bathroom in the back. Check with us today to get your quote started.

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Steel Entry Guardhouse With Restroom And Waiting Area

Ashburn, GA

This steel guardhouse has it all. The overhang on the roof provides a dry place for truckers to walk into the waiting area. The guard has his own work area as well a restroom in the back. The windows all around provide a maximum view for the attendant on duty.

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The "T" Guardhouse

West Point, GA

Harrelson Modular was contacted by a manufacturing facility that wanted several specialized guardhouses for the front of their facility. This 5 x 7 steel guardhouse features long overhangs and blue insulated glass. Harrelson Modular will go the extra mile to design a product that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free quote!

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8x15 Aluminum Building With Restroom

Breinigsville, PA

Harrelson Modular recently completed this job for an 8x15 guardhouse located in Breinigsville, PA. HMC worked through a local contractor and was able to provide this guardhouse in a timely manor. This guardhouse was designed for a Nationwide hardware company. Trucks will enter and exit through this enclosure. The customer also needed a restroom area that HMC was able to integrated into the design.

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8x8 Aluminum Guardhouse With a Standing Seam Roof

Sugar Land, TX

Harrelson Modular recently completed a job in Sugar Land, Texas. HMC teamed up with an architect firm and a local construction company to provide the customer with their own custom guardhouse to meet their specific needs. Harrelson Modular was also contracted to offload and anchor the guardhouse to the existing slab. Our network of Nationwide installers was able to knock this job out with no problem!

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Steel Guardhouse With Brick

Old Hickory, TN

HMC was contracted to build a custom guardhouse with a brick veneer. Our staff put together this aesthetically pleasing guardhouse for our customer. This building features brick veneer, 2 sliding doors, a standing seam roof, and an hvac. Harrelson Modular has done many guardhouses just like this one, call us today to get your quote started!

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Steel Vestibule

Pelham, AL

Harrelson Modular was contracted to build a 8'x6'x8' steel vestibule. This pre-assembled vestibule was part of an overall security upgrade for the facility. Not only did this arrive completely assembled, but it was also designed to easily flash up against the customers existing structure. What a fast, stylish, and easy way to upgrade any facility! Call us now to see how our modular systems will work for you!

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6x8 Custom Steel Building With Standing Seam Roof

Hot Springs, AR

Harrelson Modular was contacted by a local architect in the Hot Springs area to produce a high end steel guardhouse for a training facility. This guardhouse features a standing seam room, colonial style windows, and decorative brackets. This modular guardhouse is a perfect example of the high end aesthetic capabilities of our pre assembled products. Let us design your perfect guardhouse today!

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8x20 Durasteel Guardhouse

West Point, GA

This is one of two guardhouses Harrelson Modular did for this company. HMC's customer came to us with a concept in mind and we took it from there. This guardhouse not only has impressive reveals but it also has a trucker waiting area in the back. Call on our knowledgeable staff today to get you a free quote on your specific project!

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8x12 Steel Guardhouse With Reveals

Windcrest, TX

This is the second guardhouse Harrelson Modular completed for this customer. HMC designed this unit with the same finish as the other. This guardhouse will sit across the parking lot and be used to let cars access the lot. Call or e-mail us today to see why our customers keep coming back for more!

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8x8 Basic Aluminum Guardhouse

Montgomery City, MO

This is a great example of a typical aluminum guardhouse. With multiple sliding windows this set up makes it easy for the guard to interact with people coming in and out. The addition of a HVAC system also helps the guard to be comfortable for long periods of time. These anodized aluminum guardhouses can also be painted virtually any color. Contact Harrelson Modular today and get your free quote started!

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5 x 12 Manhole Guard Building

Scoville, ID

HMC recently completed a 5'x12' manhole guard building in Scoville, ID. This unit is located in a high security area and needed to be made to specific requirements. Fully pre assembled at our plant, this building arrived ready to offload and set over the existing manhole. This was truly a unique application and just one of the ways HMC can adapt to your projects needs.

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8x10 Aluminum Guardhouse

Trussville, AL

A repeat customer came to HMC with a need for a custom 8x10 guardhouse for their project in Trussville, Alabama. With high visibility and a sliding window, this guardhouse fits the bill. Call us today for a free quote on your current project!

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8x8 Aluminum Guardhouse With a 36" Overhang

Birmingham, AL

Harrelson Modular was contacted to help deign and install a pre -assembled exterior guardhouse. Security concerns called for the placement of a full time guard at their service gate. HMC provided an 8x8 aluminum guardhouse. A 36" roof overhang was provided at the door to protect the guard from the elements while checking vehicles. Tinted windows and a hvac unit were included with the guardhouse.

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Bullet Resistant Pre-Assembled

Mobile, AL

HMC provides bullet and impact resistant preassembled enclosures to the Montgomery, Alabama area, including the guard house shown. Easy, efficient installation is expected of all HMC projects across the Southeastern United States.

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Entry/Exit Aluminum Guardhouse

Montgomery, AL

HMC provided a fully enclosed truck gate to a Montgomery based facility. The project was performed at a small lead time, within budget and complete customer satisfaction. The preassembled truck gate will perform for many years to come due to is high quality duraluminum construction.

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Pre Assembled Equipment Enclosure

Birmingham, AL

Our clients in Birmingham, Alabama area have realized an array of products at immediate availability like this Equipment enclosure in the metro Birmingham, AL area. HMC preassembled enclsures are provided with exceptional service to the Southeastern United State with special attention to Birmingham, Alabama.

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