Harrelson Modular Construction Inc. provides many types of small to medium sized special purpose enclosures for exterior applications. From small revenue control or parking attendant booths to elaborate guardhouses to accommodate several security officers, our buildings work for you. We have the experience to ask the right questions. Your building might be standard or we'll custom design one based upon its physical location and your particular requirements for electrical, HVAC, window and door locations.

Prefabricated restrooms can be plumbed onsite or pre-plumbed at the factory, ready for easy hook-up. Our prefabricated buildings are delivered fully erected, wired and ready for immediate hook-up on arrival. In a few minutes, you can move right in and go to work!

Manufacturing in a controlled environment improves quality
Easy building placement by forklift or crane
Pre-wired and ready for immediate occupancy
Easily relocated if necessary

Available options include: Brick or stone veneer, color matched paint, standing seam roof systems, truck height platform structures, HVAC, special lighting and wiring, tinted windows and much more! Our buildings can be tailored to fit your purpose and architecture.


Aluminum Buildings

Aluminum buildings are one of the most common cost effective ways to create a guardhouse or exterior building customized the way you want it. HMC's anodized aluminum buildings are available in standard sizes or can be customized to meet your specific application, your building will arrive on site fully erected wired and ready for immediate use. Simply offload, anchor to your suitable foundation, connect utilities and go to work! Choose from many available options such as a standing seam roof, painted exterior, HVAC systems, and tinted windows to create the perfect enclosure to meet your needs. Our aluminum buildings are the standard in cost effective quality pre-assembled buildings.

Advantages: Maintenance free anodized exterior, cost effective, durable, and highly customizable.

  • Building arrives fully erected, wired and ready for use
  • Restrooms available
  • Suitable for interior or exterior applications
  • Can be painted to match existing buildings
  • Custom designed to meet your application


Steel Buildings

Our steel buildings offer a unique way to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior structure. Whether you go with a smooth steel construction or a panelized or "PC" construction, these insulated structures are designed to meet high architectural requirements. HMC's steel buildings can be painted to match an existing building or made to match specific features. Steel buildings arrive on site fully erected wired and ready for use. They are suitable for a variety of foundation options that include concrete to elevated structural steel towers. Steel buildings offer many options like: a standing seam roof, satellite glazing, canted windows, HVAC systems, and even brick and stone overlays to create a blended site built look. Let HMC design and build the perfect building to meet your needs.

Advantages: Fast installation, highly customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting

  • Can be designed for significant wind/snow loads
  • High architectural designs
  • Superior Quality
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use


Ballistic Rated Buildings

HMC's ballistic rated buildings are an excellent alternative to traditional construction for high security applications. With our ballistic buildings used in many applications such as military, government, commercial, and industrial facilities, it's no wonder that we are relied upon to provide superior quality ballistic rated buildings. HMC offers buildings rated in the following ranges: NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Threat Levels I through IV and U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory) 752 Ratings Level 1 through 8. Our buildings arrive fully erected, wired and ready for use. Simply offload, anchor to a suitable slab or our tower structure, connect utilities and go to work! Let us help you protect your most important assets, people and property.


Advantages: Proven design, highly customizable, fast installation, and manufactured to your specific threat level

  • NIJ Threat Levels I through IV
  • U.L. 752 Ratings Level 1 through 8
  • Many architectural options available
  • Durable and long lasting


Modular Buildings

HMC offers a unique alternative to traditional modular buildings. With our unique steel tube frame, we can completely factory assemble a customized modular building to fit very specific needs. Some common uses for pre-assembled modular buildings are: cool shacks, control pulpits, operator controls, and break areas. HMC will specifically design each modular enclosure to suit the desired application.Harrelson Modular's pre-assembled structures can be easily moved around your facility . Many industries have come to rely on our pre-assembled modular enclosures to easily be lifted into place around existing machinery or other obstructions. Don't cause down time and move those heavy around them!

Advantages: Factory assembled, easily lifted into place, custom manufactured, and cost effective

  • Unique design
  • Built to your specifications
  • Minimal installation time
  • Easily re-locatable

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